Sulawesi Coffee

Sulawesi Coffee fresh roasted gourmet coffee beans are made from Sulawesi volcanic mountain regions which give fine quality coffee. Torajacoffee, Celebes Kalossi Coffee and other various kinds which is well known worldwide already. Indonesia’s Favorite Coffee Treasures grown at very high altitudes in the Toraja region have long history about coffee cultivation and production.

A perfect blend coffee made that provide an exoticand exquisite whole bean. Sulawesi (Celebes) provide world class coffee grown especially on the southern part of Sulawesi (Celebes Kalossi). It has a rich characterized, low acidity, creamy texture, velvety body, earthy aromas and genuine taste.

An assertive coffee with precious kinds in great demand. The Toraja elegantly defines as a splendor of the Indonesian Archipelago. It produce wild coffee with a lot of variation, rich body with the nice depth taste and a deep herbal aroma. Grown in mostly processed using the dry method as the most famous coffee growing region ofToraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

High quality coffee beans with front forward acidity of lime covered with white grapefruit espouses in a syrupy mouthfeel. Sulawesi is crisp and refreshing that you can enjoy this smooth and vibrant coffee. The successful coffee plantation is considered to be one of the best of the Sulawesi coffees.

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