Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World

Are you familiar with the title of these post? One thing for sure, you will get amazed by Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World. Natural wonder with wildlife viewing in Indonesia Archipelago that has unique sightseeing and the one and only island in the world which still have the rest of ancient species that is giant lizards of pre-historic animal left in the world. Indonesia culture travel destination which has very amazing history is interesting to find the fact of it as parts of science reference and become live literature for historical fact.

These natives of Indonesia travel tourism under guard and organised in Komodo National Park. The beautiful nature and have a great sightseeing is very famous for its giant lizards and the island itself. Culture and nature tours and travel destination as well as for heritage of convicts. The Komodo dragons, many people said, and the island itself gives a perfect setting which you can seems enter the real Jurassic Park world.

Natural beauty of these tourism destination gives you adventure holiday experiences. You can also have diving and snorkeling that will give unique and luxury trip vacation tour, great scuba diving activities while enjoy the wildlife sightseeing. The pink sand beach is also the other great attraction for these destination. Cultural historic immersion where the adventure tour as well as doing relaxation at the beach or surfing. It is warm, calm and colourful beaches and become one of the most unique beach in the world.


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